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HOPPECKE Batteries is the largest producer of industry battery systems in European ownership. Since 1927, the family company has been developing and producing in Germany, and thanks to its leading research and development activities, it has all reliable and innovative storage technologies in its product portfolio. Electric energy is required everywhere and in ever more applications. In this world, where everything becomes electrical, HOPPECKE is your partner and expert.

We are proud to be the Southern African importer and distributor for Hoppecke industrial batteries and energy storage solutions.



From batteries for forklift trucks to mobile energy storage systems for powering industrial and commercial vehicles, HOPPECKE provides electrical energy wherever it is needed.


Mobile energy solutions for railway and metro systems. For securing the on-board electrical system of railway and metro systems, for starting diesel engines as well as for the electrical drive of traction engines.


Hoppecke TRAK | Uplift

If you wish to minimise investment costs and optimally utilise your budget, but also want to use top quality motive power batteries, our trak | uplift batteries are your optimal solution.

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Hoppecke TRAK | Bloc

The compact design is ideal for all applications with limited available space. HOPPECKE trak | powerpack bloc batteries are used specifically in cleaning machines, electrical wheelchairs, electric caddies, boats and caravans. Thanks to the use of the HOPPECKE AGM technology, which received the Innovation Award 2000, the HOPPECKE trak | powerpack bloc system offers a high level of reliability combined with long life expectancy.

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Hoppecke TRAK | Powerpack Lion

Lithium-ion retrofit solution especially for industrial logistical applications. trak | powerpack lion is a modularly constructed lithium-ion battery system, which adapts individually to the customer needs.

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