Braun Windturbinen

Braun Windturbinen is a company with its origins in an area of Germany known for wind turbine technologies.

With a portfolio of highly efficient wind turbines in the range from 1.5kW to 12kW, they fit precisely into the small to medium residential and commercial market. The commitment to ongoing research and development ensures that the portfolio is continuously improved. Inhouse production of their permanent magnet generators ensures high quality levels.

Braun Windturbinen products fit seamlessly into your existing SMA solar PV system and as such can be controlled by your Sunny Island. The systems can also be used as standalone solutions and are not limited to wind. Being a specialized engineering company, Braun Windturbinen have many tailored solutions with global installations in the small wind, small hydro and small heat / power combination areas.

Website: Braun Windturbinen