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Synerji Electrical

Synerji originates from a group of independent electrical wholesalers. Having personally tested many manufacturers of LED lights and fittings over the years, We found the Synerji products to bring the biggest variety for application, unmatched quality and very competitive prices. Together we can now expand into affordable solar borehole water pumping, domestic pressure pumps and solar pool pumps..

Product Information

Change your old 50W downlighters without delay! 6x 50W = 300W vs 6x5W = 30W. 10% of the power requirement with more light output. This means an immediate saving and payback. Don’t wait until the old ones fail. Reducing your load also means investing less on a solar system.

12V DC GLS lamps in standard E27 and B22 fitting size, will compliment basic 12V or 24V based DC systems with charge controllers by Steca. We believe that we now have a complete portfolio to enable Africa with power and water.