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ANH has its roots in Energy Electronics and industrial automation. Our market is mainly in Africa, where 80% of the people have no access to power. We have over 50 successful installations in Botswana, a further 9 in nine other African countries whilst we have designed one for Iraq which we also fully support. In South Africa our partners include local, electrically qualified installers so that our clients are ensured of local support and can, therefore, concentrate on their core business fully knowing ANH have the design, commissioning and technical capability to deal with any unforeseen situation that may arise.

ANH only imports, distributes and supports installers of equipment that we have rigorously researched and tested and can, therefore, confidently recommend to our customers. Our experience thus far is that we can install our equipment anywhere in Africa, commission and run it for a day and it keeps on operating without a hitch for years.

ANH firmly believes that the choice of their power solution needs to be in the hands of the people. In our opinion Solar Power can do in Africa what the steam engine did for Europe and can do for education what the printing press did and more …

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